What type of equipment will I need to have in my home?

  • Up-to-date computer, Apple or PC with built-in camera and microphone. Most current iPads may work fine.

  • High Speed Internet, at least 1.5 Mbps upload and download speed. Check your computer's speed at : www.speedtest.net

  • Sufficient memory to ensure enhanced quality of tutoring

  • Headphones may be helpful to block out distracting background noises (great for those students with ADD or Audio Processing Disorder).

Programs Required

  • The most up to date free version of Zoom - Download from Zoom.us

  • Chrome Browser

During the Coaching Session

  • Create a quiet, distraction-free area

  • Close all other programs

  • Ensure that others in the home are not downloading nor uploading during the sessions. This includes gaming, movies, downloading documents, etc. These activities can affect connection quality.

  • Depending on the strength and reliability of your internet service you may want to use an Ethernet cord.