What are your rates?

My tutoring rates are $75 an hour.


Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes with 55 minutes of instruction and 5 minutes for note-taking, parent communication and preparation for our next session.

My credentials and experience have shown that this is a reasonable rate to charge. 

I am able to target the specific skills that are keeping your child from reading on grade level. I can close the gap in 2-3 months by addressing these weak areas so that your child can be successful in school.

If you are looking for the quickest, most effective and most economical solution available, I am the person most qualified. 

Some big box tutoring programs claim that they can close the reading gap a full year with 9-12 months of instruction. Their programs are exactly the same for each student plus it is not a requirement to be a certified teacher to be an instructor. The administrators of the programs match you with one of their tutors, not even giving you the opportunity to choose your own. 

They may charge $50 an hour costing you $1,800-2,400 to close the gap one year.

With me, it would only cost $480-720 to close the gap while the big box tutoring programs would take more than twice as long.