Why Is My Brain So Slow At Processing Information?

What is Slow Processing Speed?

She intently listened.

Her eyes, fixed on me while scrunching her brow.

It was like she was forcing her brain to be completely focused on the lecture.

As hard as she tried, her brain couldn’t remember the words long enough so she could write her notes.

She tried so hard to keep up, that sometimes her scribbling was illegible.

But there was something about her that intrigued me.

She never gave up.

At the end of class she slipped her work into a folder and then into her backpack.

We had a secret agreement that she could finish her work at home.

Her assignments were always well done.

She had some of the top scores in the class when given unlimited time to complete the assignments.

Her work ethics were amazing.

She asked for extra time to complete projects.

It wasn’t that she was lazy, she needed the time to take in information.

Once she had time to think about it, she could compare it with what she already knew about the topic. Then she could produce a result.

She was slow at processing information.

Slow processing speed means that a child cannot keep up with the pace of classroom learning.

It takes an excessive amount of time to complete their homework. Completing class work by the end of class is impossible.

Tests with time restraints become unfinished.

Slow processing speed affects a child’s ability to handle verbal information.

Reading, writing, decision-making and following directions are difficult to complete.

Many children with slow processing speed are very smart. Yet they aren’t reaching their academic potential.