Solutions to Reading Problems #4 Know Your Syllable Divider

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Have you ever gotten in the car to go to that new clothing store you’ve been hearing about?

You think you know exactly where it is. You drive to the spot, but the store isn’t there.

Popping the address into your iphone GPS or favorite map app you find that you’re close but needed to go a bit further. The next intersection would have brought you to the store.

So close.

Reading can be sort of like that.

As you are reading, you come to a word that looks familiar but maybe some extra letters/syllables have been added.

Or you have never seen this word and have no idea where to begin to be able to pronounce it.

I'm Jean Harville, founder of Private Reading Tutoring.

Having a map or guideline would be helpful to apply to those unknown words to unlock the pronunciation which would lead to a better understanding of the sentence you are reading, right?

Well, phonics is sort of like a road map to unlocking unfamiliar words.

The Rules of Phonics....Can't Live Without Them

Rules of Phonics help create structure around a process that could be frustrating for those who struggle to read.

Learning to apply sets of rules to unfamiliar words is the key to unlocking new words.

However, I must warn you. Since many words in our English vocabulary are derived from other languages, these rules can and will be broken.