Solutions to Reading Problems Have You Ever Considered An Online Reading Tutor?

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

You’ve just come home from a parent-teacher conference where you were told your child was struggling to keep up with classmates in reading.

The teacher had a few suggestions but with the required curriculum and the 20 other students in the class, she couldn’t guarantee she would be able to fit in individualized help for your child.

You decide to work with your child, read books nightly, take field trips and talk about the exhibits, seek help from other moms, even seek help from the internet.

It’s so confusing.

You just want to find a solution for your child’s reading struggles.

It hurts your heart to see your child struggle to read a passage, a word, even trying to figure out which sound a letter is making.

On top of that, your child has to be able to understand what they have read but that’s impossible since they spent so much of their focus on reading the words, that they have no idea what the story or material is about.

Seeing F’s on tests when you know your child knows the material orally but reading is getting in the way.

Watching your child shrink away from the other children to hide their struggles.

You know that strong reading skills are very important for success in school...well...even in life.

I understand. I get it.

Hi. I’m Jean Harville, founder of Private Dyslexia Tutor.

With over 20 years experience teaching reading to struggling readers, I totally understand your desire for your child to succeed.

My approach is to target the problem areas, shore up those underlying weak skills, use your child’s learning strengths to teach new information, and pulling together all the skills necessary to be a successful reader so that the reading gap can be closed in a much shorter time than some of the Big Name programs you see on the internet.

Some of those can take up to 2 years to complete. I should know...I’m trained in some of them.

Your child needs help now.

Take a look at the FAQ page here on my website then find the 'Contact Me' form at the bottom of the page.

Fill it out. Ask me questions. Ask for a FREE Reading Assessment for your child.