A Super Easy Trick to Focus Your Dyslexic Child On Comprehension, That You Can Do At Home.

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Solutions to Reading Problems #2

Have you ever been called on to stand up and read aloud in front of room full of friends,

colleagues, or even classmates? Picture this...

The 5th grade teacher has just called on you to stand next to your desk and read out

loud an entire page from the literature book the class is studying.

You take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, clear your throat and begin to read, with

expression, at the perfect speed.

You know, not too fast and not too slow. You are thinking about how great you are reading.

You confidently sail through the words, even the longer words.

You come to the end of the passage and you are so proud of yourself for reading with 100% accuracy. You smile to yourself as you take your seat...

Nailed It!

But then, something dreadful begins to happen...You wish you were invisible.

The teacher begins asking questions...you know, those main idea,

prediction, inferencing type comprehension questions...

Your mind goes blank! You have no idea what you just read.

Would you like to know my secret trick that I learned later in life and use to this day to help me hold onto information? It’s so much fun!

Hi, I’m Jean Harville, founder of Private Dyslexia Tutor. I want to share this highly effective trick with you today so you can begin to help YOUR child who is struggling with reading comprehension.