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Hi. I'm Jean Harville

As a reading strategist and a certified neuro coach, I see 2 critical factors that are important for our kids who think and learn differently so that they can become confident readers....a brain-based approach to (1) reading skills and their (2) belief that they can learn to read.

Jean has a long history pouring into kids with learning challenges and discovering the genius in many kids who might otherwise be labeled for their challenges. She is curious about kids and encourages US TO BE CURIOUS, TOO.                                               - Monica Swanson

Being a mom and watching your children navigate through the skills they need to be successful in life can be scary.

You wonder if they will ever be able to read, compute math, or write with ease. You know that these are very important skills.

But as their education begins, whether through a school system or through your homeschooling system learning is crucial. 


You find that your child is having a tough time grasping the concept of blending and segmenting sounds so they can fluently read to comprehend concepts.

What takes you no time at all to read a story, may take your child 

F O R E V E R!


You see the agony on their face.


You hear the heavy sighs.


You feel their sense of wanting to give up.


Then the dreadful thought crosses your mind...what if they fall further behind, what if they can't finish high school or find a decent job to support themselves.


What if they feel like a failure!

Hi. I'm Jean Harville. I totally understand your fears. 

As a certified special educator, I could feel the frustration of my students whenever they came to a word they could not pronounce or a passage they couldn't understand.


I also saw the deep concern of their parents who were fighting to find the right help for their child. 


With the right approach, my students were able to close their reading gaps, raise their self-confidence, and move forward with ease in their education.

Years later, I continued to see the struggles of both the students and the parents when my own children attended school.


I knew then that I wanted to help.


As a Reading Strategist, I'm dedicated to teaching parents these specific reading strategies so they too can teach their children and successfully close their reading gaps.

If you are interested in connecting with me, CLICK HERE to Schedule a Connection Call to discuss how I can help.

"When it comes to private reading coaching, this lady has it all. She has wisdom, passion, and the ability to make coaching sessions fun."  

                                                                           Joanne Kaminski

"Jean Harville is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and is excellent at implementing interventions to help each of her students close their reading gap."      

                                                                                   Alexa Imwalle


“She has discussed options that have been beneficial to my child and helped me develop plans of treatment specific to my daughter’s needs...”

                                                                        Mary Clower

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“She knows the strategies and skills readers need to have to be successful!”


                                                                             Cindy Court Zmuda


"My child has been using those strategies and I've seen a lot of improvement!!"

                                                                                              Amber Nail